About the Awards

The Merseyside Independent Business Awards were founded by Morecrofts Solicitors in 2013, to celebrate the firm being 200 years old and remaining independent.

The awards were designed to platform and celebrate independent businesses, their owners and those who support them.

In planning of the event, Morecrofts decided, rather than to profit, to make the event as affordable as possible, so businesses of all sizes would be able to attend.

We have stood by this, and vowed to ensure the MIB Awards remains non-profit making.

Each year, there are categories for all sectors, and of the winners of each category, and overall Independent Business of the Year is chosen. This business is offered free services from several companies to help them grow, worth up to £10,000.

How are winners chosen?

The process for choosing winners for MIB is transparent and fair.

The judging for the awards takes place over two days with two different judging panels.

The panels change slightly each year and are made up of eight respected and very experienced professionals from different parts of the Liverpool city Region. They are also from different backgrounds including PR, professional businesses, creative businesses, trade businesses, community foundations and more.

These judges are revealed at the ceremony itself and their details are printed in the event brochure on the night.

The judges are locked (not literally) in a room for two separate judging days – although it has been known to be a very long day with one year’s panel being in the room talking over finalists’ entries until late in to the night. They take it very seriously, which is what we want.

Panel One decide the shortlisted finalists, and Panel Two decide the winners from those shortlists. All judges get a say in which business should be crowned the overall Independent Business of the Year

We also ask each judge, if possible, to give feedback for every nomination they read. This gives the process further credibility and, in the spirit of why the awards were founded, means we can feed back details to finalists, if requested.

How can I enter my business?

Nominations for the MIB Awards are opened around June each year.

Forms can be downloaded directly from this website, or they can be obtained over email by emailing info@mibawards.co.uk

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