Business person spotlight

Lesley Martin-Wright, Chief Executive Knowsley Chamber of Commerce


What does your business do?

Provides independent and impartial business support, advice and guidance to businesses and business owners, from start-up and onwards.

Where is your business based?


What qualities are needed to become the leader of a business?

To have integrity; to have the ability to build a high performance organisation through and with a your team; provide opportunities for staff to learn and grow; to set out a vision and have goals – articulate these clearly so that everyone knows what needs to be achieved; recognise and reward success within your organisation; have resilience and inner determination.

What is the key skill running an independent business?

Having a strong belief in yourself.

If you could go back to the day you began your career and give yourself a piece of advice, what would it be?

Don’t get bogged down or distracted by the small stuff.

How do you feel the growth of the independent business community has contributed to the economy of the Liverpool City Region?

The Liverpool City Region is now seen differently to what it was prior to 2008. Through a concerted and collaborative effort, driven by the private and public sectors, the place and the people have experienced a renaissance. At the heart of this story is a resilient, strong and determined independent business sector who use their ambition and resolve to carve out new products, services and opportunities. They are the city region’s USP.

What are your goals for the next two years?

To deliver and achieve the objectives set out in the Chamber’s 2019 – 2021 business plan

To make a positive impact and contribution to the economic and social growth of Knowsley and the city region

What do you do in your own time when you’re not working?

Spending time with family and friends (I love cooking Italian food)
Travel in the UK and further afield
Walking (to leave the car at home and get out into the fresh air)