Merseyside Independent Business Women: An interview with Jayne Smith


Jayne Smith

Managing Director, Bluebird Support Services Limited

Where is your business and what does it do?

Whilst our offices are based in Liverpool and London our remote secretarial and typing services are delivered via homeworkers connected on the internet. We help professionals have more time and save them money on staffing overheads by typing up their forms, letters and documents with a very quick turnaround time.

How do you define a female leader?

Taking responsibility for all major business decisions is one way of defining a leader. My preferred definition is you’re only a leader if people are prepared to follow you. I’m very lucky that we have a great business that has attracted a wonderful team of people who want to work with us. I’ve found that simply being myself, embracing my emotional self, (rather than being told ‘I’m unprofessional’) actually results in greater connections and strong bonds with people. Other women – and a few men – have helped me break from a negative mindset and low self esteem and as a result I now have so much more confidence to make any decisions in business – and life generally!

What’s your favourite thing about going to work each day?

Sometimes a favourite thing, somethings the most stressful thing – having to invent my own work and decide what am I going to do today that will generate business and income tomorrow? It’s enjoyable because that is largely creative and non-routine. It usually ends up with my most favourite thing which is sitting and chatting with colleagues and associates about how we can help each other.

Your best piece of advice for women in independent business?

Remember your achievements of what got you this far and believe in yourself. Don’t give up!