Business person spotlight

Simone Roche MBE – CEO & Founder, Northern Power Women, Northern Power Futures


What does your business do?

Northern Power Women is a campaign to accelerate gender equality from the north of England. I have a passion for people and fairness and love to give people a platform, a stage and a voice. By using the collective power and ambition #WeCan make positive change

Where is your business based?

The North

When was your business established?


What qualities are needed to start a business?

Tenacity, enthusiasm, passion and use these qualities to motivate you to succeed plus a bag full of resilience to respond and react

What is the key skill running / owning  an independent business?

Agility – never stand still, keep moving forwards – strap in and enjoy the ride.

Focus on the opportunity (rather than a challenge) as you will be surprised by what you find.

If you could go back to the day you decided to start a business and give yourself a piece of advic, what would it be?

There is not one linear path to success  – take opportunities that open up to you.

Never stop learning.  I’ve 100% been a say yes and work it out later. This has enabled me to get involved with (or interfere!) with opportunities I might never have taken.

How do you feel the growth of the independent business community has contributed to theeconomy of the Liverpool City Region?

In my day to day and particularly as curator of the Northern Power Women I get the opportunity share and celebrate the enormous talent – there has been a tremendous growth in independent proud northern organisations particularly in Liverpool – look at the success and growth of the Baltic triangle a tourism creative and hospitality destination made up of innovative and inspiring businesses keeping the fabulous city of Liverpool on the map.

What are your goals for the next two years?

To continue to recognise and promote outstanding women and men in the North and beyond

To champion and grow Northern Power Futures a campaign supporting wider inclusion, social mobility and neuro diversity

What do you do in your own time when you’re not working?

I love travel, the sun and spending time with my other half. So whenever I can I combine these and head to my ‘happy place’ in Spain with Rob.

Love sailing on the Mersey and seeing our city from the water #bestview